Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and all the hype

I keep getting asked; "is Jacob excited for Christmas/Santa?"  I feel awkward whenever anyone asks because I really haven't made a big hype about it.  I haven't been telling him that Santa is coming soon everyday, in fact we don't even have a chocolate advent calendar.  We do have a sticker advent calendar that counts down until the birth of baby Jesus.  I've been trying to instill that message more so than the Santa and present message.  I'm doing it not just because its a belief of mine but also because I hear people say that Christmas has become too commercialized yet it is these same people that talk about all the presents that they have bought for their kids.  Don't get me wrong, Jacob is getting two presents from Santa and a stocking but the rest is from me, mom. 
We have done things in the spirit of Christmas but its about the giving.  We did a Christmas box for a teen boy overseas.  We went and enjoyed festival of hope where you got to do crafts and wagon rides and yes, sit on Santa.  We made a gingerbread house together.  We went with another family and cut down a Christmas tree.  We went carolling this week in the community.  We really did do family things together and not just talk about Santa and the presents.  Jacob is starting to say more and more, "baby Jesus" when asked who's birthday it is on Christmas instead of "ho ho ho".  The values and traditions are what I want to instill in my family, not the presents.  
So is Jacob excited about Santa?  I don't think so, does he appreciate all of the family things we've done to celebrate the season, I think so, and that to me is more important.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jacob is Joseph!

Jacob was Joseph in the little Christmas stage today.  It was pretty cute, the kid with no dad plays dad!  I only make this comment because one of the other kids asked, where's Jacob's dad? and parents always looked like they are in pain when they wonder what to say about this.  I'm straight to the point and honest, Jacob doesn't have a dad.  He never really has, he's had poppa's and that is just okay with us!