Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Jacob's personality has really began to develop in the last few months.  Here are a few shots to show what a tease he has become.

This was taken at his cousin, Charity's, birthday party.  What fun that was playing in all the blocks and activity centre.

Dancing with Gert, his "favorite friend".

So what if there is still snow on the ground, the sand box is free and so in the sand he will play!

He came into my room with his pjs on his head saying, "I'm Jesus, see jammies on my head."  Now I'm not sure why having jammies on his head equates to being Jesus but I'm pretty sure he was trying to make the cloth like moses wore in Prince of Egypt on his head.

Being a space monster at Chris and Marlene's.  He thought that this was great fun!

 Hiding for the camera.
I found you!!