Sunday, April 15, 2012

I can count

I've started to incorporate more and more learning at home.  Discussing how caterpillars, "chenille" turn into butterflies, "pappillon".  What is in space, how plants grow, and numbers are just a few things.  Today I started to count in English and then decided to switch over to french.  Jacob counted to cinq no problem!  I tested him again and yep, he knows how to count to 5 in French though, not English.  Do I care?  Not really, he knows how to count to Cinq!!!!  The little man amazes me each and everyday. 
His questions sometimes get trying, but I'd rather him asking questions that not talking or interacting with me.  So I will continue to answer where the moon goes during the day, why we breathe air, why our tongues are hot, what each and every bug eats and everything else his little mind is curious about these days.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's new????

So I haven't blogged about what is currently going on in my life right now because I wasn't sure where it would lead to.  On February 19th I found out that there was a baby boy that might need a loving forever home.  On February 20th I went and talked to the family member that I knew about this baby.  It turns out that the baby was born last June and is indeed in need of a forever home that is willing to do an open adoption.  So I was in for a decision.  Am I ready to start again; to be a mom to another little one needing a forever family to love him.    
Do I need to even answer???  I've literally been in a battle ever since I found out about the babe.  Not with the family, they are in support of me adopting.  I have been battling a social worker that is lazy and not willing to do her job thoroughly.  Unfortunately for her she has me to deal with and I don't give up and know my rights, the bio families rights, and that little boys rights.  So now I don't want to get into all the details but I did bring attention to the fact that she wasn't doing her job and now she is going to.  She has to research me as a potential option and on April 26th the whole matter will be heard in court and I will find out if I will get to be a mom to another little boy.
So am I scared?  OF COURSE!!!  I'm scared of being a mom to a baby!!!  I've never thought I would actually get to adopt a baby so I've never even asked for one just so that I wouldn't face the disappointment.  Am I scared that I won't be able to handle two boys on my own?  Of course, am I scared about a whole bunch of other things, yep.  However.  I know that God brought me to this place for a reason.  Last year when my relationship ended I remember saying, I just want a mulligan, a do over of this year.  I felt cheated because I had been planning on adopting again, I had been planning on buying a house and then I put all my hope in the relationship and put everything on hold, only for none of it to come true.  Well I kind of think God gave me a mulligan without me even trying.  Here is a baby that came out of nowhere, I'm going to see the realtor on Friday and see what is on the market.  So maybe I am getting that prayer of wanting a mulligan.  If it is; wow!! Thanks GOD!!!