Sunday, January 29, 2012

"I dream God"

So I am making an effort to raise Jacob to know God.  Someone I knew existed when I was growing up but to say I "knew" Him, I didn't.  We pray before (almost) every meal, read "God's story" every night and talk about God daily.  It really is a lot easier than I thought to teach him about God and to trust God.  For example, he will ask, "why do we have two hands?" yep that was the question this morning.  To which I can easily say, "I don't know, because God thought we needed two hands to go with our two arms."  Anytime I don't have an answer it is goes back to, "because God did...."  Or if he is scared of something, spaceships lately, I can tell him that God will protect him.  Or about monsters not existing because God didn't make them, he made animals, trees, people, etc, but not monsters.  Now I wasn't sure how much of all this was sinking in until today.  The nursery school teacher told me that in response to talking about praying Jacob told her, "God talks in my sleep."  So then when we got home I asked him about God, and yep, God talks to him in his dreams and tells him to not be scared.  So already he is getting the concept that God will protect him when he asks for help.  Now will God be around to protect him from everything, nope.  That he will learn later on, that when bad things happen, God still is there to lean on in the bad; to vent to and to love us during that bad. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Social media

So I'm an anti-social media person.  I'm not on flutter, myarea, or facecrack.  I blog and that's even pretty seldom lately it seems.  Oh and I didn't want to use the exact names so that they wouldn't automatically link to those pages.  Anyhoo.... I chose to go off the crack last spring/summer because it drove me nuts to see so many status updates for the same people over and over in one day.  It drove me even more nuts that I knew how many times a day they were updating their status; meaning I was on it way too much.  So I went off.  This was the second time I went off the crack.  I had gone off a year or so ago for the summer but this time it has been over 6 months that I've been off.  I will admit that I did sneak on every once in a while; maybe once a month.  This time I've snuck on a few times; usually for a purpose though.  I had a couple friends that were pregnant and I hadn't heard anything so I snuck on to check to see if they had posted anything.  I don't have anything against these websites; more I have issues with the way they have deteriorated the meaning of relationships.  You don't have to actually talk to anyone; just type.  I'm resorting back to old fashioned face to face or phone; but I do still text.  I don't think I will ever give up texting; I don't text and drive anymore so that is moving forward! 
So today the new fellow asked me if I was on facebook and I said no, so you will never guess what he did....walked away and didn't say another word to me! 

Just kidding.  I had you didn't I?  No, he did the traditional asking for my number, then I got his from him.  We are travelling together tomorrow night to our small group. 
So I don't know what the point of this post really was; to rant about social media, to explain and justify myself for not being on it, or to give a small update on the man situation.  Whatever you think it was hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more.....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My little Man already

This past week was my birthday.  In the morning I said to Jake; "it's mom's birthday."  To which he quickly said, "Happy Birthday, where we go for your birthday?"  I told him that maybe on the weekend we would go for supper.  He said, "No I don't think so."  I asked what he wanted to do for my birthday and his response was, "Maybe flowers I think."  So that is exactly what he got me.  He went with Grandma and picked out each flower himself!!  Best Birthday Ever!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Christmas Season

I  haven't posted in forever it seems!  I can't seem to find the time lately but I did take pictures so here are some to share.
Decorating our Christmas Tree.  Jake was fully into it this year; he decorated from start to finish!

Next was the gingerbread house and same thing; he was right into it from start to finish!

This was his gingerbread house that he made at school and decorated there.

Had to have a bit of dancing time with Gertie.
This was the church Christmas dinner.  All the kids went to the front and listened to a story.  As you can tell he is really interested.  However I have to say my boy knows the Christmas story from start to finish.  Last year he received a sticker collage of the nativity story from some friends.  This year I ordered another one and each morning we would do a sticker and he can tell you the whole story of the birth of Jesus; even who was in the barn with Jesus!  I definitely recommend it rather than a chocolate advent calendar.  Here is the link to the site I bought them from.

This was at the Christmas church dinner.  I love this picture of him and I.

This is he and Savannah.  Savannah and Jacob have seen each other almost every day since May 2010.  I watched Savannah when her mom went back to work and then they now go to the same sitters.  They are really good little buddies and it is so cute to see them play and chatter away to each other.  This year I started to begin a new tradition.  Jacob gets flowers for all the ladies in his life.  So on December 23rd we went to the flower shop and picked out flowers for everyone.  He picked them all out himself and he got bouquets for Savannah and her mom; his girl cousins, his aunts, and grandma.  I did this because I want him to learn that boys/men do special things for girls/women.
More story.
This is his school Christmas concert.  He was a shephard.

Christmas Eve; opening PJ's.

Christmas morning.  As you can tell the Jammies fit and he got a pedal tractor.

Stocking time!

Grandpa had to help him with some of the toys.

Madison in the coveralls we got her and the sweater I knit her.  This year I knit all the kids sweaters.  Kind of a Christmas tradition for me to make them something and I am usually working on the gifts right up until it's almost time to open presents.  I as per usual was wrapping them Christmas morning.  I tell myself I work better under pressure but really I'm just a procrastinator.

Randon in his sweater.

Jaybird in her pretty pink dress and she had sparkle hightop runners that just happened to be in the same color; it was too cute!

The siblings. 

The bird I cooked.  First time I have done Christmas dinner.  I actually brined the bird for 2 days prior.  My family tends to like things the same and nothing out of the ordinary so I didn't tell them I did this until they had all eaten some of it and the result was no one could tell the difference!

Uncle Casey and Randon pondering......

Uncle Casey wrestling with Aunty Lisa and the kids getting in on the fun!

Randon climbing in for some fun.  See Jay in her shoes!