Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm still little Right?

This is Jacob's first school picture.  He really is usually not that great at taking pictures, he usually hides, does the jello and disappears.  I call the jello move that move when you try and pick a kid up and they turn into jello and you can't get a grip on them they just keep sliding out of your hands.  That's Jacob when the camera comes out.  Well, when my camera comes out anyways.  So I think this picture turned out quite well!
Almost daily I hear the comment,  "Boy he's sure getting big."  Then a little voice "I'm still little?"  Yes Jacob your still little, your my little boy.  I think he's starting to get a complex about being big because he hears it so often, so much so that I want to tell people, STOP SAYING THAT!  I want him to stay little forever. 
This past weekend I saw my nephew who is definitely little, he's just 20lbs or so and 2-1/2yrs old.  He was wearing the coat that Jacob had when I got him.  It made me think, awe you were once that little.  Your still little, little enough for me to rock you when I sing to you before bed.  Little enough for me to hold you while we are singing at church, and little enough to give me hugs and kisses whenever we say goodbye.  I hope you always stay little.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun and a few crafts

Jacob and I did finally carve a pumpkin the day before Halloween.  Now I'm thinking that this really isn't that bad of an idea because then it isn't all wilted and looking deformed for Halloween.  As you can see he did help to pull out "the guts" as he called them.  What you don't see is that he did it with a little tiny shovel so he didn't actually touch any of the gross guts!

Our finished project.  Now you may wonder why the pumpkin is sitting on the toilet.  Well you see there is a candle in the pumpkin and the bathroom was the dsarkest room however with a camera flash you can't tell that so it just looks like we take all of our pictures in the bathroom instead!

Halloween right before trick or treating!  So I struggled with the idea of trick or treating last year and what to do about it.  I ended up deciding we would only go to our neighbors, whom we know, and then friends.  We end up going to 8 houses in town and then to my uncle's in the country and my brother's.  He still received plenty of candy and got the jist of trick or treating.

He's started to make some crafts in school; here is his noodle man!

And the painted turkey!