Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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I finally broke down and got Jacob's hair cut.  My brother's told me that I was a cruel mom for not getting it cut short in the summer so I did it.  Now thinking back about it though I should ask Cory if he is going to get his girl's hair cut short too?!

Saturday I got to see Jen and her baby.  We have been friends since we were 10 and best friends since we were 14.  It's been a long, good haul as friends.  We've both had our moments and there was a time that I wasn't sure that we would rekindle our friendship but that's the funny thing about motherhood, you realize who is important in your life and you hold on to them.  Jen and I actually became mom's only 20 days apart.  She was pregnant when I found out about being matched with Jacob.  It's been a neat experience to become mom's together.  I can share stories about what to expect at a 2 year old level and she can tell me all about the baby phase.  It was great to see her and spend some time together. 

On Sunday we met up with Jacob's first foster mom and family.  I thought it was a great visit and day.  I knew that one day we would meet and in my books the sooner the better.   It was great to see the other children interacting with Jacob and reminiscing about the baby they knew and fill me in on him as a baby.  I'm hoping it is the first of many visits.

Today I experimented with making tortillas.  I got a recipe off of the http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/.  It seemed easy enough and it totally was.  I am never buying tortilla's again, only having homemade ones.  There is such a difference in the texture and taste.  Plus I know what I am putting into my mouth with homemade food, so that is always a perk in my books.  I realized at supper tonight that I eat a lot of homemade/home grown food.  For example on the menu tonight was Mexican tortilla's of course!  So homemade tortilla bread, home raised beef from my mom and dad for the ground beef.  The lettuce was grown in my garden, and the salsa I made.  The only things that weren't produced by me and my family was the cheese and sour cream, and by goshy golly (seemed like a moment that those words fit) if I had a dairy cow I might have made that too! 
I love cooking and baking and am really hoping that when I do dreadfully return to work I will still find the time to do it all.  I know I will, I love doing it too much and think that it's too important to eat good whole foods rather than processed so I will, I'll just have to organize myself a bit.
Well that's enough ramblings for tonight.

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