Saturday, October 30, 2010


I heard about this movie "fireproof" a long time ago but never had any interest in watching it since all I heard about it was that it was really good for married couples to watch.  Well I'm a single, not a couple so I figured why bother.  Now I'm not a bitter single person who refuses to be happy for anyone in my life that is a couple, I attended all their weddings and am truly happy for each and everyone of them, I just haven't gotten there yet so I thought this movie wouldn't apply to me. Well tonight there was nothing on tv that interested me and I'm usually not a movie person but I thought why not?  Actually I was going to watch Passion of the Christ again but then came across Fireproof in my collection and so figured I'd give it a whirl.
Well within the first 1/2 hour I was crying, tears streaming down my cheeks and wondering why it took me so long to watch the movie in the first place. 
So to backup a little bit I've changed my list for a desired man/partner.  The first and most important thing, he has a relationship with God.  I won't date a non-Christian, just won't do it and it won't work.  God is a huge part of my life, I wake up and the third thing I do in the morning is read my bible, we pray at all meals, I talk a lot about God and how He is in my life each and every day.  He's in it, my partner has to have that too.  I'm a firm believer in a marriage takes 3, and Jacob isn't going to be in bed with us everynight, so he's not the third.  So, with that said I have started to pray about a husband, a father figure for Jacob, an equal.  Some may find this odd but it hasn't been something that I have often prayed for in my life.  I always thought that it was so selfish and that instead I should be praying for others, don't get me wrong others do need prayer and I still need to pray for them but I can pray for me too sometimes.  Well this morning before I read my bible I actually did pray about a husband.  I know it is in God's time and I finally do get that God isn't going to "show" me what kind of man I should be with, He'll just plunk him down right in front of me and say "Here's that husband you've been praying and wondering about."  Well not really like that but it will be obvious, no guessing games, no wondering, it will just be.
Okay with that said though, no I haven't met that person and I don't have any leads or anything, just realizations that it will be when it will be.
Okay, back to the movie, enough about my nonexistent love life.  The movie really was great for couples, just a reminder that if you fall in love once it is possible to do it again.  I have always believed this.  I can vouch for it.  My mom and dad almost were divorced when I was about 5.  My mom fell out of love with my dad.  However she knew she had loved him once and she knew she wanted to love him again.  36 years later they are eachother's best friends and equals.  They are Johnny and June (If you know what I'm talking about).  A friend a few months ago was talking about my parents and she didn't want to upset me but she said she thought they were the type that one would pass away and then shortly the other would too.  She didn't want to say it at first and then I said it.  I think I've known this for a very long time and although when the time comes it will be hard but I hope I will understand that the person left behind passed because of a broken heart.  Okay, all sappy now, time to move on.
The movie, even though it was primarily about a marriage it had so many things about it that were good for anyone single or couple to watch, it was just a really good movie.  I did laugh out loud in it too so it isn't just a tear jerker. 
So if I haven't rambled on too long and bored you to death go and watch it and tell me what you think.
Hey my brother Cory even watched it before me and if I remember correctly he did enjoy it.

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Marie Keefe said...

Hey Jody-Lynn,
Thank you for telling singles how much you enjoyed Fireproof.
We appreciate your support!

Marie Keefe
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