Friday, October 29, 2010

Jacob get's crafty!

Jacob had been going to nursery at church and then when he turned 3 he had the opportunity to go to a group called alpha-bits.  They do a craft, listen to a story, have a snack and watch a DVD in it.  I wasn't sure about his ability to follow the rest of the class and so wasn't going to send him until October, well now.  I spoke to another leader of alpha-bits and she encouraged me to send Jacob and see how it went.  Well the first time he just kind of played while everyone else did a craft and participated in everything.  The next time he colored a page and then played for the rest of the time.  The third time he sat and did the craft, listened to the story, had the snack, watched the DVD and then played.  Now it is a regular occurrence for him to do everything that the other kids are doing!  Here I was worried he couldn't/wouldn't keep up and although he doesn't participate vocally in the class, answering questions and such, he does everything that everyone else does now.  Here I would have been the one holding him back, he was ready.  This was a little learning experience for me, always try.  If  you don't try you'll never know!
Here are a few pictures of some of the crafts he has done.  One is a dusting mitt, the other is something to hold all the "gift certificates" he made.

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