Sunday, January 30, 2011


Jacob had all of a sudden learned the concept of money.  Whenever he can't get a toy to do what he wants he says, "oh no broken need go store buy new one, need money"  or "need screwdriver, go store buy need money."  Not sure how he has come up with this concept really because I don't talk much about money or involve him in money, such as getting him to pay at a store or even say about needing money.  Lately it has become so much that I told him the other day "you need a job to get money."  To which he said "no".  Well today I asked him to throw something in the laundry and he went to do it.  I gave him money.  He now has a little money jar.  I don't know if he's too young for this but he seems to understand the concept of needing money to buy things so from now on he will need to bring his money to the store if he wants something.  It's weird though because I don't even buy him something every time we go to the store.  I rarely do actually, so I'm not sure how he learned this concept.  I wonder if paying him for going pee on his own will work??

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