Sunday, February 13, 2011

A year in reflection

February 6th was officially one year since Jacob came home.  I've been thinking about this post for awhile and thinking about what/when I would write.  Today seems like a really good day since we both tried each other's patience all day so a good time to reflect on all the positives instead of dwelling on this one grumpy day.  I even told Jacob he could call me "grumpy diesel" today, one of his trains is named grumpy diesel and the face on the train is exactly how I felt all day.  From the time he woke up he just seemed to be over the top whiny and cried over everything.
Okay, enough negative.
So in the past year we've had so many things happen, bumps along the road and smooth pavement too.  I can't believe the changes in him.  Physical, he's only 4 lbs heavier this year, but 3 inches taller!  I know!!!  In the past week I've had half a dozen people tell me how he has grown and he just seems so grown up.  He does still fit the first pair of jammies I bought him, mostly because when I bought them they were too big.  He's in size 4 and some 5 clothing now, where as before he was in size 2-3,  the boy is going to be taller than me by the time he's 12!
He loves baths now.  Last night it was an hour long one!  This a big change from the crying and screaming of dislike for 25 seconds, because that's as long as baths used to be.  In fact every night he wants one; I'm trying to convince him of having one every second night because he hates having lotion put on and having that many baths dries a person's skin out.  What a change though.
He now loves Gertie.  I remember the day he came home he sat on the couch and just watched the dogs and it took several months for him to warm up to them.  Today he spent the majority of the day playing with "Gert".  He pulls her around on the leash and she just follows, never seeming to get annoyed.  Then he has to snuggle with her at bedtime and she happily jumps up on his bed to go to sleep.  I'm shocked that she still wants to be around him by the end of the day!
He has become quite the little dancer and I know all parents have this idea that their kids are gifted and I'm no different, so he'll be joining something musical soon.  The minute any music is on he stops, listens, and then his little hips get going and his foot taps and pretty soon he's trying to do the worm on the floor, stomping his foot, and dancing around. 
He plays with other kids now.  This is huge.  I can remember the first few times of going to a friends house and he didn't pay attention at all to the other kid.  Now he may not always join in if he isn't interested in what they are doing but he will if they are doing something he likes.  This is a trait that I hope he keeps.  Don't fall into peer pressure, it's okay not to do what everyone else is doing.  I hope he learns this trait from his "momma" still I get people absolutely shocked that I'm single and adopted by myself.  It happened again 3 times this week.  People almost sputter, at the idea, not in a negative way but just shocked that you would consider doing it. 
He's POTTY TRAINED!!!!!  Now this was an almost since August.  He would have occasional accidents, but for the most part would hold it until he was taken to the bathroom.  Then this Friday he said "go pee" and went running to the bathroom and been great every day since! 
He talks a mile a minute.  Seriously, I can't believe that only 4-5 months ago he would only say one or two word sentences.  Now he is constantly chattering away.  He knows the nursery rhymes, Humpty dumpty, cat and the fiddle, twinkle, baa baa black sheep, and on, his favorite these past few days has been I'm a little Tea pot.  I love nursery rhymes and had gotten an book of the old traditional ones and then at speech was told nursery rhymes are the best books to read kids because they are repetitive and have a rhythm.  So we read them several times a day. 
Now for the biggest change.  I'm mom.  This past week I had to be out of town for 3 nights, 4 days, the longest I'd been away from him.  On day 3 he told my parents, "Where mom, need go home."
He knows it and that is awesome and so even though today was a tough day we're a family and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

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