Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy- and I hate saying that

Have you ever called someone and the first thing they say is "oh I'm so busy"?  I used to hate hearing that.  Now I find myself saying it, I used to think it was an excuse to not keep in touch but I'm now realizing it isn't an excuse, it's reality.
I've realised I am a person that likes to have a lot on my plate.  I don't know if I have adult ADHD or ADD and it doesn't matter because I don't really believe diagnosis give you any more insight into a person either than funding when you need it. 
So things on my plate currently are: mom full time, work full time, course through work for the next 13 months; meetings every two weeks and trips to the city every second month, my last two courses for my degree for the next 6 months, pampered chef; seems to be one party/show a month; and I'm applying to be a marriage commissioner.  Plus of course I'm a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, etc that all needs to be fit in there somewhere.  I have no idea how all of this happened but I do have to admit that I like the pace.  I'm more organized the more I have on my plate.  This past weekend I actually cleaned my house top to bottom, even took down my shower curtains and washed them!  Got all my laundry done and put away all by Saturday night so Sunday and Monday (which was a holiday) were free days to lounge around, go swimming with Jacob, and spend quality time!
Now why am I writing about this; well at Christmas time I was busy with baking, making homemade gifts etc.  The director of our program did baking and gave it to each Public Guardian and my boss brought it in to share with all of us.  Some people were making snide comments about how did she find the time, was she wonder woman.  Our director is a mom to a little girl of 9, she's in the office early, home late, but she does crafts and baking with her daughter on the weekends and when she does make it home on time.  I've been to her house and that week she had finished making mustard pickles so she gave us each a jar.  I am very similar to her.  Last night I got home and made bread for us, on the weekend I was invited for supper somewhere so I quickly made up some brownies.  At Christmas all my co-workers got a tin of nuts and bolts.  You can come to my house at any time and steal a jar of canned peaches that I made this summer.  I find the time.  I was quite offended when they were chiding about our director being wonder woman because I share similar traits to her.  That we care enough to find the time to make and give something home made isn't something to make fun of I don't think.  It isn't what we are giving but it is that the time we took to give.  I value that.  I think I've swayed way off topic, but who cares it's my blog right?!
Anyways I guess the point is that even though I have a lot on my plate I will still make time to take Jacob swimming, read him a story at bedtime, bake bread, and get my housework done!

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