Sunday, January 29, 2012

"I dream God"

So I am making an effort to raise Jacob to know God.  Someone I knew existed when I was growing up but to say I "knew" Him, I didn't.  We pray before (almost) every meal, read "God's story" every night and talk about God daily.  It really is a lot easier than I thought to teach him about God and to trust God.  For example, he will ask, "why do we have two hands?" yep that was the question this morning.  To which I can easily say, "I don't know, because God thought we needed two hands to go with our two arms."  Anytime I don't have an answer it is goes back to, "because God did...."  Or if he is scared of something, spaceships lately, I can tell him that God will protect him.  Or about monsters not existing because God didn't make them, he made animals, trees, people, etc, but not monsters.  Now I wasn't sure how much of all this was sinking in until today.  The nursery school teacher told me that in response to talking about praying Jacob told her, "God talks in my sleep."  So then when we got home I asked him about God, and yep, God talks to him in his dreams and tells him to not be scared.  So already he is getting the concept that God will protect him when he asks for help.  Now will God be around to protect him from everything, nope.  That he will learn later on, that when bad things happen, God still is there to lean on in the bad; to vent to and to love us during that bad. 

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