Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"mom, how can our house fit in that house....."

For about a month now I have been on the hunt for a house.  I've looked at 5 or 6 and didn't like the layout at all in anything in my price range.  So I dropped my price range and went with something cute and cozy and everyone that sees it says that they can see me in it.  Good sign I would say!
So there is a house that I've always liked.  I liked it years ago before it was renovated and upgraded, now it is even more cute.  So a couple weeks ago I asked my realtor about it.  He said that there was a deal pending on it, so...... I told him that I was very interested and if by chance the deal fell through I would be interested.  He said okay but he didn't think it would.  Then I prayed.  I told God that the house was in his hands and if He wanted me to have the house to just let it happen.  Well 6 days later I got a text. "house deal fell through, when do you want to see it?"  God can move mountains!  So today a verbal offer has been agreed to and the written offer is just needing to be signed.  So it looks like we will be moving!  When I told Jake about it his comment was the title.  How are we going to move our house into the new house?  How innocent.
So the new house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a partial basement with laundry in it, a wood stove, a fully fenced yard and a deck going around 2 sides of the house, and....a walk in closet in the master bedroom!!!
Here it is; cute and cozy and soon to be the new home of Jld and Jake, oh and Gert too!


CGM said...

Sorry this is late, I was on holidays, but congratulations!! When do you move? I've been looking at this house forever, it's been for sale for a long time. Have lotsa fun in your new home!

Jody-Lynn said...

I move in on June 29th.... living amongst boxes right now!!! I'm a wee bit excited considering I still have a week and a half to go and I'm already all packed and ready to go. I know it's been on the market a while; I'm chalking it up to mean it was meant for me!