Sunday, April 15, 2012

I can count

I've started to incorporate more and more learning at home.  Discussing how caterpillars, "chenille" turn into butterflies, "pappillon".  What is in space, how plants grow, and numbers are just a few things.  Today I started to count in English and then decided to switch over to french.  Jacob counted to cinq no problem!  I tested him again and yep, he knows how to count to 5 in French though, not English.  Do I care?  Not really, he knows how to count to Cinq!!!!  The little man amazes me each and everyday. 
His questions sometimes get trying, but I'd rather him asking questions that not talking or interacting with me.  So I will continue to answer where the moon goes during the day, why we breathe air, why our tongues are hot, what each and every bug eats and everything else his little mind is curious about these days.

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