Monday, April 19, 2010

Confusing Creatures

I was thinking about all my female friends vs my one close male friend and the different interpretations of a relationship they each had. 

Okay finally I will admit it; women are confusing.  I think both men and women are equally confusing but this past week I think women win for the week of confusing me. 

So my beau and I have been seeing eachother since mid-january.  Everything is going great, with the exception of me every once in awhile having a panic attack about what I "won't" get in life.  I tend to think of the "won't" more than the "gain" at times.  Last week was a won't week.  Well in talking to my female friends I kept hearing "don't jump to thinking about marriage and future, just worry about the now" and then also "don't listen to negative people, just think positive, if things are going well then don't worry".  Well if I'm supposed to think positive and think that this will work out then isn't the end result going to be that I will possibly marry him and yet I'm not supposed to think about that?!  I'm confused!  

The "other" man in my life, my good friend Chris, he just tells me I overthink everything and that has always been his consistent advice, I overthink.  I'm not confused by that, he isn't telling me what to think or what not to think, just don't think.  Is this how men work?  They don't think?!

So the end result of last week was........ that I was overthinking.  I woke up in the middle of the night amidst all my worrying and realized I always have two options.  To dread, or to appreciate.  Typically I think I'm an appreciater so I put the "won't" away and am now thinking of what I will gain.  End result, Chris was right, I was over thinking.  I won't ever tell him that he was right though, that would just go to his head that he was actually right about giving relationship advice for once.

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Jen said...

"You realized you always have two options. To dread, or to appreciate."

That is something I am going to have to focus on, and think about constantly - those are my two options too.