Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny how communication works

I had kind of thought I would be single for a long time and I was okay with this.  I had gone into the adoption process as a single person and wanted to kind of keep it that way until the end.  I didn't want to delay the process or get someone else involved until I knew that they were going to be in my life permanently too.  Well wierd how life works.  In early January a friend asked me out for supper.  I didn't know if it was a date or just friends.  Well it turns out that it was a date and we've been dating ever since.  We're taking it slow though and I'm very happy about that.  So many people ask what's going on with us and honestly, we are becoming good friends first and then going from there.  I was being old fashioned and waiting for him to make "a move" and since it had been 3 months now that we had been seeing eachother I finally became a woman of the 21st century and was forward.  I just asked "what's going on with us?"  the answer was that he had also been meaning to talk to me but obviously is a little more chicken than I.  So we talked.  I want him to make sure that he is sure about Jacob.  He told me that Jacob wasn't the issue, it's me.  Having to be accountable to someone else is a big change for him.  To have to discuss plans rather than just making them is a change for both of us.  I'm 30, he's 33 and we've both been single for a long time; (years so that is a long time) so to have to think of another person and consider what they want and to fit them into our lives is a huge change for both of us.  I'm so happy though that we talked.  Funny how communication is such a scary thing but then when it happens you usually walk away relieved.

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