Friday, May 7, 2010


Jacob's memory amazes me.  I don't know if other kids his age have a memory like him but if they do I guess he's just amazing me because I'm his mom.  After our little trip to Saskatchewan he came home with a train and tracks.  It is a perfect little train for him, magnets to hook up the cars and wooden tracks that he can fit together and make a track how he would like.  Great gift from one of my co-workers.  Well two days after we got home I noticed that two of the little cars were missing.  I searched high and low for them and couldn't find them.  Well today we went outside and he goes to one of his dump trucks and in the crane part that scoops dirt he pulls out the two little trains!  I had put the truck outside because it is kind of big and more of an outdoor toy.  He knew exactly where they were!!  He shocks me.  He did this another time, hid a toy car at my office and then a few days later we were there and he goes and finds it to play with.
Now if he could just remember to use the potty like that!~  Actually I can't complain.  He had a perfect day on day 3 of training, no accidents.  Then it seemed like on Day 4 he totally forgot what he was supposed to do again.  Then half of today was the same.  Then this evening before supper he went on his own and then again after supper on his own.  He was playing with the train then all of a sudden stops, runs to the potty, sits pees, and then yells "PEE!!!"  with great excitement. 
Oh I'm so lucky to have him!

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