Friday, May 21, 2010


Oh how I love the summer!  I could stay out all day long busying myself with garden and flower stuff.  I tend to be a bit fanatic about it, I check each day to see what has grown and what hasn't.  I'm so happy that almost everything that should have come up has!  I brought some raspberries bushes from a friend in SK and so far the golden one's are coming up, red ones I am being patient and hoping that they will still come up.  My virginia creeper is also coming up strong, on both ends of the fence to keep out my creeper!  I don't really have a creeper for a neighbor but sometimes you just want some privacy!  The peonies are also all coming and the lilies have so many shoots coming up that I think this fall I will have to thin them out!  My strawberries even surprised me and two from last year are coming up again.
This year I chose pink and purple flowers throughout the front yard.  In the back is gardens and a raspberry patch.  I added the raspberries and a second garden for tomatoes and peppers this year.  Last year was my first attempt and my spot was so shady that nothing really grew because I also planted it all wrong.  Live and learn.  This year in the shady spot is cucumbers, beans, and peas.  I love flowers though and I always say I should have been born in California where you could have flowers year round.  A few months of the year will have to do though for now.

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