Sunday, June 20, 2010

How many is too many?

The time is quickly approaching that Jacob will legally be mine.  I know people are thinking "what I thought he was already yours?".  In my heart he is and he isn't going anywhere but legally, no he still is a ward of the province.  There is technically a 6 month trial period from the time you bring the child home and then after the 6 months is up the legal process begins and then you legally adopt the child.  So August is actually the end of our 6 months but the social worker surprised me on the last visit and said if I was okay with it she was going to start the process the end of June-beginning of July instead of waiting.  I was absolutely okay with this.
So this brings me to the start of the topic heading.  After he is legally mine I can then start the process to adopt again.  I would have to go through all of the same paperwork I did before and interviews and such then I would be put on the list to wait for a child again. 
So...... I'm doing it.  I'm going back on the list as soon as I'm able to.  Okay so this is my question though.  I don't have a number.  Most mothers/women tend to have an idea even a vague one of how many children they want to have.  I don't.  I don't know if I want to stop at 1,2 ,4, 7, 19???  I have no clue.  Is there a magic number?  Now some may think; what?  another one so soon.  Yes, it did take 2 years to find Jacob so yes another one so soon, because really I have no idea how long the soon might be.  All I know is that I am already, ready to have another child welcomed into our little family. 
Like I did with Jacob I have an idea of what kind of child I am hoping for but I'm leaving it up to God like I did for Jacob and He blessed me with exactly what I hoped and prayed for.  So I'm doing the same this time. 

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Jen said...

You'll know how many is the perfect number when you hit it. :)