Friday, June 4, 2010


While going to university and taking psychology courses I learned that I was a Pavlovian fan.  I believe in rewarding the behaviour that you want and ignore what you don't want.  I've seen how quickly it can work to change a behaviour. 
Over the past few days, well week or so, I've noticed that Jacob has become much more clingy and whiny.  Traits that sometimes are really not that appealing.  I've mentioned it to a few people to no miraculous answers to change this behaviour. 
Well as I was cutting up fruit this morning he started whining again because I wouldn't let him have the knife I was using, rough mom I know!  So he plopped himself down and began to do the whine.  He then moved on from being upset about that to wanting some of berries I was cutting and wouldn't ask for them instead would just hold up his hands and whine.  He can say "berry" so I wouldn't give him any until he said it.  I ignored the whine and just continued to say "berry?".  Well after 3 times he perked up and said "berry, peas?"  So I'm going back to my roots in Pavlov.  So this morning after my "lightbulb" moment I've been using the Pavlov theory; yes there are still moments when he is upset, but I give no reaction and the "whine" time appears to be getting shorter and shorter. 
I'm going to see how this also works for when the little 1 year old is over and he says "mine" all the time when she isn't even near him and not interested in his train that he has a death grip on!  I kind of twigged on to re-using Pavlov with this as well earlier this week but I haven't been dedicated and consistent enough.  You see to begin with when he would say "mine!"  I would give a reaction, usually "she's not even near you, or uh-uh"  something.  Well now I notice he'll say "mine!" then look or be looking at me for a reaction.  Yep the little fart has outsmarted me already. 
So Pavlov it is, Don't let me down!

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