Monday, August 2, 2010


Jacob turned 3 this week.  I wanted it of course to be special since it was his first birthday with his forever family.  So I wanted to make him a cake, well I had hoped to get someone else to make the cake but the short notice didn't allow for that so instead I made the cake.  It turned out okay for a first cake decorator I think.

He was so funny, once the candle was lit he didn't take his eyes off of the flame.

I had a BBQ with just the family to celebrate, still there was 14 of us here to celebrate his first birthday (for us that is).

I'll post more pictures later but instead of a bunch of gifts everyone chipped in and I bought him a little trampoline with the net. He dove right into the trampoline as soon as it was opened, I think his first birthday was a huge success!!

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Shannon Shepley said...

Happy Birthday Jacob !!! The first of many glorious celebrations.....