Monday, August 16, 2010


I had a friend tell me about this book she wanted me to read.  Yesterday she left it in my mail slot at church.  While Jacob was napping I started and finished the book.  It's a quick read but an amazing story.  I've attached a link.
So what's the book about ????  A small little community of only 300 people that starts an adoption movement.  Within 10 years 72 children from the foster care system are adopted by community members.  I've been toying around the idea of how to reach more people about how great it is to adopt and to share my experience because I believe it was the best way for me to have a child.  In the book they mention of how people are amazed that these are "foster" kids and how cute they are.  That's the hook.  Jacob is a wonderful little boy and so many people who I meet now and hear that he was a foster child I think/hope, that they walk away and say to themselves "well isn't he a cute little guy."  There are so many good foster kids out there that need a home to have as theirs forever.  So maybe, just maybe people that we've met will reconsider, or consider, adopting a child through the foster care system.
As I write this I have to you know that I've had Jacob's potential sibling on my mind a lot lately.  I don't know why.  Some of you I may not have shared that I knew when I was matched with Jacob that his mom was pregnant again.  She had called just prior to our meeting and passed on the message that she wanted Jacob to know he was going to have another sibling.  I had not told a lot of people I think because to begin with I wasn't open to that possibility.  I thought that I had lucked out with Jacob and so why take a chance that I would be so lucky again with the similar gene pool.  I think as time has passed I've come to realize that I'm not lucky but that God has blessed me and if He wants me to have a sibling of Jacob's He will make that happen.  I have no clue how pregnant she was but if she had just found out it is a good possibility that the baby will be born anytime now.  There are so many things that would have to happen for it to all fall into place for Jacob and I to have his sibling join us but I have faith if it is meant to be it will.  I'm not going to get my hopes up to high but the possibility is there.  So for now we'll just add baby to our list of prayers, that he or she is born healthy, is safe, and is in a home that will love him or her unconditionally.

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