Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time slips away

I used to hate when people would tell me that they have been so busy and that's why they haven't kept in touch.  I get it now.  As you can tell I rarely have time to blog lately it seems.  I still haven't posted pictures of Jacob's birthday and his present yet!  My days fly by and I'm just busy.  Then people ask what I do all day and I don't know?!  Well I could give a breakdown but come on who really wants to read about a stay at home mom's day?!!?  That's what I thought, snoozeville! 
I do a lot of canning, baking, and cooking though.  As well as lately reading many, many stories to Jacob.  He's always bringing a book and saying "read mom".  Yes we are up to pretty consistent 2 word sentences.  The other day while driving he said "stop, wait, go, fast, urch, stop, stop"  I wondered if I could tell the speech therapist that now he's saying 7 word sentences?!
Today we went and picked raspberries, this is my 3rd time going to pick the same bushes.  It was a challenge keeping the kids out of my bucket and me ahead of them on the bushes.  Jacob would sneak in front of me and be eating off of the bush.
So my big news that I have to share though is that I am buying land!  Finally I am actually working towards my dream of living on an acreage.  I've had a plan to buy a bit of land from my brother for a few years and finally this week he gave me a price and so now as soon as I go back to work I'll start paying for it and then hopefully within the next 2 years we will be moved out there.  I've looked at ready to move homes because they seem the most affordable on my budget and found a plan I liked right away but the company and I were playing phone tag.  I felt like I was trying on a wedding dress and even though I looked at several other layouts I kept comparing them to my original choice.  I thought that I was dreaming because based on the quotes from all the other companies for something similar it didn't look like I was going to be able to afford my dream home.  However sometimes its worth having dreams.  I found out today that the house is well within my budget, including it being moved and there is enough money leftover for me to have a basement as well.  I won't have a finished basement anytime soon but I will have a basement to create into more rooms later on if I need it.  So my dream house is a 3 bedroom 1-1/2 story 1063sq ft house.  It's a cabin/chalet style.  I'm so excited.  I've got all the prices down for all the utilites from my brother and his wife so I know a rough estimate of what it will cost. 
Jacob is even taking an interest.  I had the house plans laid out on the table and he said "our house?"  I said "you bet buddy, pretty soon, it will be our house."

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