Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love fishing.  I would do it everyday if I could.  I like going in a boat but I especially like fishing off the shore where you can just sit and enjoy it and not worry about how much room you have or hooking some one's life jacket, etc. 
Our family though I often wonder why we still like fishing.  We've had our fish stories let me tell you, usually nothing to do with the fish though.  We've had boat problems, we've had catching people in other boat problems, we have had the odd fish problem, but overall we seem to be like the Griswald's of fishing but still we love it, maybe its the stories we create, who knows.
So here's the latest story.  My dad, Jacob and I went fishing for trout.  I have a small aluminum boat that we took.  The lake that we went to you can only use non-power boats because its so small and an environmentally friendly lake.  So we took the boat out fishing for awhile then went to shore to eat lunch then went out in the boat a second time.  After a while we decided to head to shore.  Well this time, just like the previous time, I got out first.  Then when I was on shore I reached down to pull the boat to closer to shore to make it easier for my dad to get out, as I pulled and didn't look behind me, he didn't look at me and was standing up.  Well you can imagine what happened upside down he went in the boat.  Luckily not right out of the boat.  However he did fall so hard against the back of the boat that he bruised his ribs quite badly.  Not something good for someone who only a few months earlier broke 6 ribs!   Boy did I feel bad.  My dad though was good about it, there was no cursing and losing his temper, I think because he was in too much pain he could barely talk.  I had knocked the wind out of him.  Needless to say he is now on pain killers but still fishing.
Here's some pictures of us fishing last weekend, a few days after the rib incident.

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