Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Saskatchewan Trip

Our first stop was to Chris and Marlene's farm in SK. 
As soon as we arrived Jacob said "play tractor?"  He obviously remembered the toys that Chris and Marlene had!  We had an awesome few days with them. Chris insisted on taking Jacob to Peavey Mart to buy his very own tractor, a belated birthday gift.  Why was I not surprised that Jacob picked out a tractor and a trailer.  All vehicles that have a hitch need a trailer, don't you know?~  In my son's view they do anyways. 
After a few days we packed up and headed a bit south and saw Jen, Cory, and Mackenna.  Now how confusing is this.  My brother's name is Cory, his wife is Jen.  My best friend since elementary school is someone named Jen and her husband's name is Cory, now that's not all.  His sister's name is Jodi too!  We're surrounded! 
While visiting SK Jen and Cory, Jacob got to finally ride in a tractor.  He's been very hesitant to do this as of yet but Cory's new tractor is pretty quiet in the cab and its a nice shiny blue so Jacob went in with me and we went around the field once.  One evening he went with Cory to feed the cows out in the field too.  He's getting to the point now that he would like me to go on everything but if I'm not going and he still wants to do it he will.  Which is good, starting to get his independence and doesn't need mom for everything.  An aside though, it is nice to be wanted though. 
On our last full day with them we went to the swimming pool which was a phenomenal pool.  It has a water slide, wave pool, and this really cool little turn about that has a current going through it so it pushes you around and around.  There was also a little slide for Jacob to slide down which he did "again" and "again" and "again."  I would let him fall right into the water and pop back up on his own.  Still he wanted to do it again and again.  He's getting quite comfortable with water but doesn't push the limits and want to do everything on his own yet.

A kiss from mom.                                                  Now one from Mackenna!          

Then our last stop was in Lloydminster to stay a  night at my cousin's family's home.  Jacob really likes stopping here.  Tracie and James have 3 children ranging in ages from 6 to almost 2.  We had a great visit as always with Tracie's family.  Then on Saturday we made our way home.
What a great trip.  I did have to take a picture of these trains though advertising to visit Alberta, I thought it was humorous to see these in Saskatchewan while we are from Alberta.  There was one from the town we are from but I didn't snap the camera fast enough so I got Bonnyville instead, which is only 35 minutes away from us!

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