Friday, September 17, 2010

Something's not right.

While we were on holidays Jacob started sleeping a lot.  He went from having a regular 1-1/2 hour nap to 3hrs+ and still was tired.  He would wake up in the morning after a long sleep and by 10am he was telling me he was tired.  Thinking back though it probably started on the Friday or Saturday just before we left for our trip.  The kid fell asleep at a rodeo for pete sakes!  I thought though it was an avoidance tactic, whenever I would ask him to do something, or he would get disciplined in the slightest he would say "Jake tired".  Well one day while we were with Chris and Marlene we were in Walmart and he kept saying it, well wouldn't you know he put his head on my chest with him sitting in the cart and did fall asleep!!  I thought it was just because he had missed his nap for that day though and we were travelling and just a bit of extra anxiety of the trip and not being in his own environment. 
So I didn't pay too much attention to this because he wasn't feverish, or throwing up or any other sick symptoms.  Then we got home.  After the 3rd day of 3 hour+ naps and 12 solid hours of sleep a night I made a doctors appointment.  This is not my normal little boy.  The other thing that had began to occur was that he complained that he hurt, he didn't say where, just "jake hurt" or "ow hurt".  I noticed too that he was stiff after his naps and bedtime.  He would look like he was physically sore in trying to bend down and pick up a toy.  He just wanted to sit and cuddle from nap time to bedtime.  Something definitely was not right. 
By Thursday night he was so sore that anytime I tried to touch him he cried.  The clincher was that he touched my cell phone with his finger and said "ow hurt".  Now your finger doesn't just hurt. 
So even though we had a doctor's appointment in the following 2 days I took him to emergency.  The doctor was concerned about one of 2 options that could be going on.  Very low iron, or diabetes. Oh I was hoping for low iron.  We went for blood work the very next morning.  HE was such a super kid for the needle and urine test.  I contribute the success to our own doctor book that I have read countless times and done all the motions of it.  Then yesterday morning we went for the follow up appointment.  His blood work showed nothing.  There was a bit of protein in his urine but nothing that couldn't be explained by diet.  So we're in the clear!   And of course he has now began to perk up, isn't complaining of being hurt and the naps are slowly getting shorter again.  So Doctor thinks it was a virus and that my little boy has such a good immune system that he didn't get the vomiting and diarrhea symptoms. 
Let me tell you though when I heard the "D" word my mind went racing.  Of course you aren't supposed to go to worst case scenario, but how do you not. 
I'm so thankful it was just a virus and Jacob is a tough little cookie, however boy do I feel bad for thinking he was just using the "Jake tired" as an avoidance tactic.  

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