Thursday, September 30, 2010


Now that I have caught my breath I can tell you that I am going to back to work next week.  I had no clue??!  Well I did but I wasn't really keeping track of the dates and then all of a sudden it is here.  I go back next Friday morning just to get all my stuff back in order, passwords, on the computer, my blackberry hooked up again, and my name on the pay schedule.  Then on the following Tuesday I go with my boss for two nights, 3 days to Fort McMurray.  Jacob is going to stay with my mom and dad for these three days.  I opted to go right away on a road trip because this is really my only overnight place to go and if I get it done and over with right away I might not really have any overnights until January or February. 
I am excited to go back to work because I like what I do and I think I'm okay at it.  I'm very comfortable where Jacob will be going during the days so it seems to have all worked out.  The little girl that I watched all summer will actually be going there too so he will get to play with her all day again.  He's gone to the sitters' home now a couple of times and each time he doesn't really want to leave so lets just hope that that attitude  continues. 
I can't believe the 10 months has gone so fast.  He's changed so much!  From a little chubbier boy who didn't really talk or engage much to a taller, slender boy who talks my ear off.  You should hear him in the vehicle.  "Slow down, go fast, turn, turn, wait for me...." he's quite the backseat driver! 
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