Sunday, March 14, 2010

another brag blog

He's about to say "shoe" here.  Hence the lips and teeth looking like that.  I came downstairs and had his boots on and was at the door saying "shoe, outside?"  Clearly the boy loves to be outdoors.  Yesterday wasn't a good day for outside because it was too windy so we were somewhat housebound. 
Wow do they grow fast!  Again I'm bragging here but he is so smart!  Last week we went to my office and I had brought a few little cars for him to play with.  A few days later I had to drop by again to drop something off and he went to this mirror, (why we had a mirror in our office is beyond me?!) but behind the mirror he pulls out this little car.  He must have had it there from the time before because this day he didn't bring any toys with him because it was going to be a quick drop off.  His memory amazes me at this age. 
Today was the first time in a grocery store that there was no screaming and squealing.  He kept playing the "sshh quiet" game instead, and he initiated it so I went along with it.  Grocery stores were fun for a while.  This statement is ooozing with sarcasm.  It seemed grocery stores and other big stores are the best places to hear your voice echo and so that would get him going more and so all up and down the aisles he would be making vocalizations and giggling and I would be trying to quieten him down a bit.  I didn't mind it but small town, the looks, you know.  So instead I would get him to get things off the shelves and hold things and point out certain items, anything to distract him and it would work for short periods.  I don't give up though, I don't believe in never taking him to the grocery store because its too difficult.  He and I need to learn how to cope in those situations, so we would continue to go, almost everyday even for one or two items.  Well today there was not one bit of the squealing, he would just chatter away at a normal tone of voice and it was so much fun going grocery shopping with him. 
Everything about life is easy with him.  Oh, except potty training.  He's not into it yet, except with my mom of course.  She called bragging Saturday morning that after he had woken up and had his breakfast there she asked him if he wanted to go on the potty, to which he went running into the bathroom and you guessed it, peed on the potty.  Here, nope.  I tried the same thing, nada.  I had hoped to get him potty trained a while ago but that I came to realize is something that can't be forced and I won't.  Ah I just love him to pieces.  In the mirror we play the "that's Jacob, that's mom" game.  Today when I pointed to me and said "who's that?" he responded with "mom".  Now I know he gets it, and I'm mom.

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