Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching up to speed

This picture was after the first night on Sunday morning. He seems to really like to wedge himself into tight fits. He still does, he will crawl into my stool and be all intwined in it and thinks its so much fun.

The last couple of pictures are from a trip to see my cousin in Lloydminster yesterday. This was our first big drive since he came home. He was very quiet on the drive to Lloyd. I wondered if he was just looking at everything or if he wasn't wondering "is she taking me back now?" I don't know if he thinks like that and often people will say "you wonder what he is thinking or what is going through his little head" I do. I wonder if he wonders when this fun lady will take him back. Only time will end that thought. I tell him how much I love him all the time but I don't know if he gets it yet.
I know that he is attached to me. He has started to run up to me and hug my legs more and more and kind of kiss my legs when he does this.
This morning I loved him so much. I had a horrible sleep last night and so am not up to par today. He had a great sleep, it was me and my own worries that kept me up. He though got up with a big grin and is as happy as could be. I picked him up and was dancing with him this morning and I just love him to pieces.
Words are coming so much and so fast now. He mimics almost everything now. I asked if that was his "puppy" this morning and he mimicked "puppy". I know I'm biased but he really is such a smart little boy.

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