Wednesday, March 17, 2010

budget gift

So finances have not gone smoothly since I received little man.  They never do, do they?!  Well there was some mix up with children services and such so we have been on a tight budget which I can deal with for food and such.  It is the unexpected that of course cause a little grief so I've had to get creative.  We got invited to a little girls first birthday for tonight, got the invite Sunday night.  Well the choices are to not bring a gift or to spend some precious pull-up money and hope Jacob gets potty trained soon, or make a gift.  I chose the latter of the 3.  The internet is a wonderful thing for ideas.  I found instructions on how to make a little girls dress out of a man's dress shirt.  So off to the local next to new store where I got a man's dress shirt for $2.  I used up some eyelet lace that I had and some old jean material from a quilt that I was making.  So this is the finished product.

The back of the dress shirt becomes the front of the dress and the front of the shirt becomes the back of the dress.  Then I added the jean just as accent.
Well I also thought that maybe I would have enough of the shirt leftover to also make a matching doll.  So I did, I also had enough matching jean material for the legs and arms of the doll.  Then for stuffing I took apart a cushion that I didn't like and just had never got around to throwing it out; which now gives me an idea of what to do with all those old pillows that I can never seem to part with.  Then for hair I always have tonnes of yarn because I like to knit, so I pulled out some yellow yarn for the little blond hair of the doll to match the blonde little girl.  Here is the doll! 
Happy 1st Birthday Savannah!

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